901 Arsenic Apparatus, Gutzeit modified.

Arsenic Apparatus, Gutzeit modified form according to I.S. Specification.

902 Arsenic Apparatus, according to B.P. Specifications

Arsenic Apparatus, "JSGW", according to B.P. Specifications.

903 Arsenic Apparatus, (Silver Diethyldithio carbonate method).

Arsenic Apparatus, "JSGW", (Silver Diethyldithio carbonate method) according to I.S. Specifications

905 Arsenic Determination Apparatus, Gutzeit(modified).

Arsenic Determination Apparatus, "JSGW", Gutzeit(modified) comprising of 100 ml bottle with interchangeable fitting. The arsenic tube is in two parts with ground flangends, together with 30 ml open top funnel attached in the bottle.

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